Leerand School

Demand for basic education in Kenya continues to rise but school facilities are limited. As it is, public schools are congested, so many parents have to take their children to private schools. However, private schools that meet the basic requirements for learning facilities are becoming increasingly costly. One of the biggest factors behind the high cost of private schools is the cost of building or renting school facilities.

We helped Leerand School to solve this problem by converting shipping containers into effective learning facilities. Located in Ngoigwa, Thika, Leerand School now uses these learning spaces to empower as many students as they can with the quality education that they need to create a meaningful life.

The school not only provides an education that matches the quality of comparable stone-and-cement schools, but it also provides unique benefits. The relatively low cost of establishing the school allows Leerand School to pass on the cost-savings to parents by providing affordable education. Furthermore, unlike schools built from stone and cement, Leerand School can quickly and affordably scale up its capacity as demand rises.


“Excellent quality work at the most competitive rates!”

Ali Swaleh

“Bertricon container are goal-oriented and deliver as promised. They gave me seven days to fabricate two containers for me n sure enough, after the said date I picked them up. Thank you Bertricon.”

Lushi Shi

“Creativity at the highest level. Good work keep it up.”

Daniel Ngure