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Shipping container Leasing

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We are offering Shipping container Leasing and selling with various following options.

  • 20ft Containers
  • 20ft Containers Refrigerated
  • 40ft Containers
  • 40ft Containers Refrigerated


We provide the following container conversion services (including luxury options) within East/Central Africa and across the globe.


  • School Classroom
  • Ablution Blocks
  • Office Pods
  • Retail Stores
  • Fast Food Stands
  • Cafes/Bars
  • Housing Units
  • Medical Clinics
  • Modern Stalls/Shops
  • Storage Containers
  • Refrigerated shipping containers


We lease both empty and pre-fitted (ready-to-use) shipping containers leasing with the following options.


  • 20ft Containers
  • 20ft Containers Refrigerated
  • 40ft Containers
  • 40ft Containers Refrigerated

Leading Container Technology Company in Kenya

We are the leading container conversion technologies in East Africa, and providing Shipping container Leasing and selling with magnificence options for the entire Container & Technology & Construction Company. And through our iconic developments, we are one of the most well known in the East Africa region.


We convert shipping containers into classroomspaces conducive to effective learning. Schools with limited funding use these spaces to empower as many students as they can with the quality education that they need to create a meaningful life. With enough capacity to comfortably accommodate up to 30 students per unit, these classrooms are spacious, well-lit, well-ventilated, easy to clean, and secure. Moreover, unlike stone-built classrooms, classroom fashioned from shipping containers don’t need a concrete foundation, so they can serve as temporary or permanent learning spaces.


We convert shipping containers into easily accessible medical clinics that provide quality and affordable healthcare. We can set up these container medical clinics in any part of the country no matter how remote the location. We take a pride Shipping containers sale to clinics that feature modern medical facilities, doctor-patient privacy rooms, emergency rooms, clean toilets, and various other amenities that ensure patients receive good medical care.


Whether you plan to opena new office or expand your current one, the offices that Bertricon Containers converts from shipping containers are a great alternative because they are cost-effective, scalable, spacious, portable, and environmentally friendly. We help you acquire or expand business space without at a cost that suits your budget. As well, we deliver container offices that are not only secure but also have adequate space for office amenities such as brightly lit, well-equipped meeting rooms.


As the number of universities and colleges in Kenya continues to rise, the shortage of student housing is becoming worse because of limited space. Shipping container dormitories help solve this problem. Converted shipping containers can be stacked together to make a multi-story building that can house more than 100 students. We deliver safe, secure, and cozy container dormitories fitted with modern amenities for students.


The traditional way of constructing a house with stone and cement is too expensive for many Kenyans. Thankfully, we help you realize your dream of owning a home by converting shipping containers into a modern bungalow. Container homes are becoming increasingly popular, especially in urban areas, for many reasons. The fire-proof and waterproof nature of shipping containers makes for a safe home. Container homes are also cost-effective, easy to build, and eco-friendly. Furthermore, unlike stone and concrete homes, container homes are portable. You can relocate it to another piece of land.


We convert shipping containers in safe and comfortable living spaces. These spaces serve as temporary or permanent children home facilities that can accommodate 10–20 children. Features available in these facilities include sleeping quarters, kitchen/dining areas, bathroom facilities, classrooms, and recreational areas. Stacking several units creates a multistory building that safe and comfortably houses even more children.


Shipping containers are perfect changing rooms because they can be easily customized to suit all your requirements. We equip our shipping container changing rooms with benches, hanging hooks, private changing stalls, showers, toilet facilities, and any other features you need. These container changing rooms are not only secure but you can easily move them if you run events in different locations. They also present a unique branding opportunity as you can paint them with your logo and brand messaging.


Shipping containers sale “pop-up cafes” now dominate many parts of the country. We convert containers into cafes or bars that feature sizable kitchen spaces. Cafes/bars fashioned from our shipping containers are secure and easily expandable. Container café/bar spaces cost less to rent or buythan spaces in stone/cement buildings, so they have a higher profit margin. Best of all, you can easily move your café, bar or restaurant elsewhere when the need arises.


We convert Shipping containers into well-equipped ablution toilets that you can instantly connect to water supply and waste management systems. These well-constructed facilities are spacious, adequately ventilated, and easily cleaned to maintain high hygiene standards.


Farmers benefit greatly from our shipping container conversions as we create spaces to house their animals. Animal shelters made from shipping containers provide plenty of space for animals to play, rest, or sleep. We fabricate animal shelters that make it easy for farmers to maintain high hygiene and animal health standards. The containers can also be customized to trap rainwater to provide clean drinking water for the animals the units accommodate.


A Refrigerated shipping containers requires an external power supply and we are providing this luxurious options to controlled the cargoes.