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We do sell Shipping Containers. The container are 20ft containers, 40ft containers and refrigerated containers.

  • 20ft Containers
  • 20ft Containers Refrigerated
  • 40ft Containers
  • 40ft Containers Refrigerated


We provide the below quality container conversion services, luxury building within and without East and Central Africa.

  • School Classroom
  • Ablution Blocks
  • Office Pods
  • Retail/Fast Food Cafe/Bar
  • Housing Units
  • Medical Clinics
  • Modern Stalls/Shops
  • Storage Containers
  • Refrigerated Containers


We do hire shipping containers. The containers could be either empty or they could our already converted ready to use containers. They are available in 20ft, 40ft & refrigerated

  • 20ft Containers
  • 20ft Containers Refrigerated
  • 40ft Containers
  • 40ft Containers Refrigerated

Leading Container Technology Company in Kenya

We are the leading container conversions technologies in East Africa, and through our iconic developments, we are one of the most well known in the East Africa region.


Education empowers a nation. We convert shipping containers into quality and worthwhile classrooms investment. These containers enable schools without suitable and stable facilities have the pleasure to enjoy learning just like other schools. Spacious, well lit, well ventilated, easy to clean and secure classrooms can accommodate up to 30 students per container. These containers can be used as permanent or temporary classrooms with no need for concrete foundation.


Shipping containers remodeled into medical clinics are making it easy and affordable to deliver quality health care to every part of the country include the most remote areas with difficult access. We are keen o delivering container medical clinics with state-of-art medical facilities, doctor-patient privacy room, emergency rooms, clean toilet WC and all the other equipment to ensure quality health care is delivered countrywide.


Whether your business is expanding and you need more space or you are opening a new branch, shipping container office is the most cost effective, scalable, spacious, portable and environmentally friendly way to go. We give you the best and easiest way to expand ensuring your business flourish without breaking the bank. We deliver modern ready to use shipping container offices that are secure, have enough space for boardrooms and meeting rooms, bright and well equipped.


The increase in schools and universities across the country has rendered student housing a major problem. The solution is shipping container dormitories. The ability to stack them together enables one to construct a story building with the ability to house more than 100 students. We deliver well equipped container dormitories that are easy to clean, A+ security, spacious and modern to ensure students are enjoying a home away from home ambiance.


Constructing a house has become expensive over time. The good news is, you can now build your customized modern bungalow with our shipping containers. Shipping containers houses have become common in especially in the urban areas. They offer the perfect flood and fire proof material for a house. They are portable, affordable, hassle-free and eco-friendly. You can easily sell your land and relocate with your house.


These homes provide light, bright and easily cleaned space for use as either temporary or permanent home for children and will completely accommodate 10 – 20 children. These containers can be built as sleeping room, kitchen & dining halls, wash facilities, classrooms and recreation room. Within a small perimeter our containers allow you the pleasure to create a storey building to satisfy all the housing need of the kids.


Shipping containers are perfect changing rooms. We convert the containers into fully customizable and modified to suit all your requirements. Our shipping container changing room are equipped with bench and hanging hooks split, changing room, shower and toilet facilities and we can find a solution to your needs. Our containers are fully secured, can move to different locations and the best part is they can be repainted and branded with the teams’ logo and name.


Shipping container cafes “pop-up cafes” have dominated most part of the country. Our shipping containers are easy to convert into a café or a bar that is spacious enough to mount a kitchen ensuring proper hygiene, robust security and flexible for expansion. Comparing to the cost of renting a business space, our container cafes are very affordable, helping you save on your profits. In case of relocating, you have all the advantage to move with your container and ready to continue with business without starting all over again.


We deliver a well-equipped shipping container toilet ablution that are ready to connect to water and waste supply immediately. These containers are well constructed and easy to clean to ensure proper hygiene, ventilation and space. The shipping containers used in the conversion process of toilets are A+ quality units.


Thanks to our shipping containers, farmers can now smile. Animals now have a chance to have a roof over their heads. The containers provide adequate space for the animals to sleep, play and relax. The containers are made with a material that allows easy cleaning and is not affected by pesticides. The containers can also be used to tap rain water which is clean for animals to drink.

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