Oak School

More and more parents in Kenya are in search of quality education for their children to improve their chances of succeeding in our increasingly competitive economy. As the demand for good schools rises, so does the cost. Consequently, many children are unable to access quality education because the schools are too costly or are located too far away from home.

Bertricon Containers helped Oak School deliver affordable and easily accessible learning facilities by converting shipping containers into effective learning spaces. Located in Kitengela, Oak School caters to the ever-increasing demand for quality education with spacious, well-lit, well-ventilated, easy to clean, and secure container classrooms.

Oak School provides the same standard of education as comparable stone-and-cement schools at competitive fees because of the low cost of establishing the school. Unlike stone-built classrooms, classrooms fashioned from shipping containers don’t need a concrete foundation. For that reason, Oak School can pass down the cost savings to their student’s parents while maintaining competitive profit margins.


“Excellent quality work at the most competitive rates!”

Ali Swaleh

“Bertricon container are goal-oriented and deliver as promised. They gave me seven days to fabricate two containers for me n sure enough, after the said date I picked them up. Thank you Bertricon.”

Lushi Shi

“Creativity at the highest level. Good work keep it up.”

Daniel Ngure