Office Building

Office space is a finite resource, more so in Kenya’s urban areas where property prices continue to soar. Many enterprising Kenyans who choose to create a livelihood through operating a business face the challenge of the high cost of renting office space. Bertricon Containers solves this problem and addresses the need for office space by converting shipping containers into highly productive working spaces.

Whether you plan to open a new office or expand your current one, the offices Bertricon converts from shipping containers are a great alternative because they are cost-effective, scalable, spacious, portable, and environmentally friendly. Bertricon Containers has supported business owners by creating container offices in several locations, including South C, Westlands, and along Kiambu Road.

Our container offices are not only secure, but they also have space for office amenities such as brightly lit and well-equipped meeting rooms. We have fabricated office spaces for a diverse set of clients with varying needs. You tell us your preferred features for an office space and we customize our shipping containers to create a working space that fits not only your needs but also your budget.


“Excellent quality work at the most competitive rates!”

Ali Swaleh

“Bertricon container are goal-oriented and deliver as promised. They gave me seven days to fabricate two containers for me n sure enough, after the said date I picked them up. Thank you Bertricon.”

Lushi Shi

“Creativity at the highest level. Good work keep it up.”

Daniel Ngure