It’s every Kenyan’s dream to buy a piece of land and build a beautiful, comfortable home where they can live happily with their family. But as housing costs in Kenya continue to rise, many Kenyans lack the budget to build a traditional stone-and-cement home. If this is your story, we’re here to help. Our container homes are a super affordable alternative to expensive traditional homes. Get all the features and luxuries of a modern home at a cost that fits the budget of the average Kenyan.

It can take two or more years to build a standard stone-and-cement Kenyan home fitted with modern amenities. For most Kenyans, that means 24 or more months of them still paying rent on their current house. With Bertricon container homes, you can move into your new home, which you own and pay rent to no one, in as few as three months. In addition to realizing your dream of settling into your own house even sooner than you thought, your home pays for itself in the months of rent that you save.

Your Bertricon Container home will last a lifetime and you will bequeath it to your children. Ashipping container is designed to be sturdy enough that several other containers with tons of cargo can be stacked on top of it. It is also built to withstand the worst conditions at sea during shipping. So, you can be sure the container home Bertricon builds you will last decades, braving the toughest weather conditions and providing you with a safe, cozy dwelling.

Call Bertricon Containers now and let us get started building you an affordable, beautiful, and durable home that you can move into in a few short months.