Medical Clinics



Many Kenyans lack access to quality healthcare. They can’t afford basic outpatient services because healthcare institutions like hospitals and clinics pass down their high overhead costs to the patients. Moreover, Kenyans who live in remote areas have to traverse kilometers to find a clinic.

We convert containers to medical clinics that reliably provide affordable healthcare services because they are inexpensive to build and maintain. Unlike clinics built from stone and cement, container clinics can be operational within weeks. The clinics pass down the savings down to their patients, who can now receive high-quality outpatient at a cost that matches the income of the average Kenyan.

These container clinics bring high-quality basic healthcare to Kenyans in remote areas because it is easy to transport the containers and other materials to the location for fabrication. Containers are built for easy transportation (via road and rail) so a vast infrastructure already exists to deliver containers clinics where they’re needed. Patients can therefore access treatment within minutes of their homes.

Call Bertricon Containers now and let us get started building for you a fully-operation clinic that provides affordable healthcare services.