Storage Shipping Containers



Demand for storage facilities is rising in Kenya, especially in highly populated urban areas where space is limited. Many people need a place to store belongings that they donโ€™t yet want to get rid of. The storage facilities we make from converting shipping containers are a good alternative to traditional stone-built storage facilities for several reasons.

Traditionally built storage facilities are expensive because they rely on a capital-intensive stone-and-cement construction process. Shipping containers are a cost-efficient alternative because the only costs involved are the purchase, transportation, and conversion of the shipping containers. We customize Storage Shipping Containers for clients who use the facilities for their own storage or rent them out.

Bertricon container Storage Shipping Containers are durable and watertight, ensuring that items stored inside are safe and secure. Shipping containers are designed to hold a lot of cargo and withstand extreme weather while in transit on road, rail, or at sea. While at sea, water-tight containers ensure that the items stored inside do not come into contact with water.

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