Modern Stalls/Shop



Many smart and hardworking Kenyans choose to no longer limit themselves with the old idea that they need formal employment to earn a meaningful living. These enterprising open and operate small businesses such as barbershops, salons, beauty parlors, gaming lounges, movie shops, and fast-food stands to name but a few. Many of these small business owners thrive and create jobs for others.

Bertricon Containers is proud to play a role in these success stories by converting shipping containers into commercial stalls or shops. Compared to shops built from stone and cement, container shops are inexpensive. We are happy to partner with enterprising Kenyans to get their small businesses up and running for only a fraction of the cost it takes to acquire a shop in a large building.

Besides being inexpensive, container shops are versatile structures that are easy to set up. One container unit can house four or five commercial stores. Once it is converted to a set of stall or shops, the structure can be quickly and easily situated at an optimal location that has high foot traffic to make it easily accessible to your customers. We make sure that our clients have a fully-operational business within a few weeks.

Call Bertricon now and let us set up your business premises so that you can start serving your customers.